This Is My Room

People are interesting, so are the rooms they live in.

Month: January, 2012

Pasadena Grown, Kiwi Livin’

Steve M – Queenstown, New Zealand


Some American Freedom Coming From the PA

Sean K – Pittsburgh, PA

Repping Bay Area Females, A Cute San Fran Room

Danielle H – San Francisco, CA

I’m a Physical Therapist and My Cat’s Name is Lilah

Megan R – Whittier, California

This LA Hippie Saves Peoples’ Lives w/ the Red Cross

Erica H – Los Angeles

Director, Music Videos, Ultra Nerd, Check It

Joaquin P – Virgil Village – Los Angeles

Do you practice Capoeira? Look at my Sheets. I practice Capoeira

Awesome girl from El Segundo – Kristin P – Los Angeles

A Mellow Pad in Adelaide (spot the cat)

The Wanker, Mark P – Adelaide, SA, Australia

A typical room of an LA model

Kelsey O – East Hollywood – Los Angeles

Malibu Event Planner – Busy, Busy

Thank you for the first female contribution! – ┬áMara G – Los Angeles

Cool mood for East Hollywood

Brett L – (my roommate) – Los Angeles

A 3-finger pour of Classiness

Richard K- (my roommate) – Los Angeles

SA meets Chi-town’s Van gogh

Chris C, MVP – SA – Australia

So, you wanna open up your own Ebay Store…

Travis H – Adelaide, SA, Australia

Hollywood Lovin, Blue LA Dreamin

Weston W – Los Angeles


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Throwback – THE DUNGEON – Fortress

Nick S – Los Angeles

Ghetto LA shanty. A Beautiful Work in Progress!

Julien L – Los Angeles – You know you love it