This Is My Room

People are interesting, so are the rooms they live in.


To share you room, send up to three (3) pictures to

You can also put your name and location if you’d like.




Pasadena Grown, Kiwi Livin’

Steve M – Queenstown, New Zealand

Some American Freedom Coming From the PA

Sean K – Pittsburgh, PA

Repping Bay Area Females, A Cute San Fran Room

Danielle H – San Francisco, CA

I’m a Physical Therapist and My Cat’s Name is Lilah

Megan R – Whittier, California

This LA Hippie Saves Peoples’ Lives w/ the Red Cross

Erica H – Los Angeles

Director, Music Videos, Ultra Nerd, Check It

Joaquin P – Virgil Village – Los Angeles

Do you practice Capoeira? Look at my Sheets. I practice Capoeira

Awesome girl from El Segundo – Kristin P – Los Angeles

A Mellow Pad in Adelaide (spot the cat)

The Wanker, Mark P – Adelaide, SA, Australia

A typical room of an LA model

Kelsey O – East Hollywood – Los Angeles

Malibu Event Planner – Busy, Busy

Thank you for the first female contribution! – ┬áMara G – Los Angeles

Cool mood for East Hollywood

Brett L – (my roommate) – Los Angeles

A 3-finger pour of Classiness

Richard K- (my roommate) – Los Angeles

SA meets Chi-town’s Van gogh

Chris C, MVP – SA – Australia

So, you wanna open up your own Ebay Store…

Travis H – Adelaide, SA, Australia

Hollywood Lovin, Blue LA Dreamin

Weston W – Los Angeles

Throwback – THE DUNGEON – Fortress

Nick S – Los Angeles

Ghetto LA shanty. A Beautiful Work in Progress!

Julien L – Los Angeles – You know you love it